Beauty connections

It’s a Medical Spa, oriented to provide an integral service to enhance beauty, dedicated to body and skin care.

It was created in 2010, opening its doors specifically on July 21st, in order to provide a wide variety of treatments that allow to maintain and excel self-esteem in each one of our patients from the external harmonization that reveals the inner beauty.

Since then, Beauty Connections has entered the aesthetic market, managing to conquer spaces of recognition in Miami city.

In this way, Beauty Connections fulfills its main mission, become a leading company in the development of beauty and health, meet the needs of patients by providing them with excellent service and quality of treatments so that they look and feel good.

To our satisfaction, we have seen the good acceptance of the aesthetic treatments and positive feedback from the public, so Beauty Connections, by the hand of its founder Claudia Lozano will continue betting on constant growth and innovation to stay at the forefront of the evolution of aesthetics.

Beauty connection - Claudia Lozano
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